La Banane Enchantée

La Banane Enchantée plays for contra dances, Irish set dances, squares, and Quebecois veillées. The band also conducts musician workshops and plays for caller workshops. Some possible workshop ideas are listed below. We're always happy to brainstorm more.

Crooked Contras
Not all contras fit the expected AABB, 32-bar format. In this workshop, dancers experience a variety of dances and tunes that might surprise them!
Piano for Contra
Join Julie in exploring the role of the piano as an accompaniment instrument and specifically as a dance instrument. Explore ways to accompany tunes from different traditions, and learn all sorts of tricks and tools for supporting the energy of the melody players, phrasing to the dance, and making the dancers go "wooh".
Connecting with the Dancers
We'll explore the various aspects of good dance music, including matching tunes to dances, playing by ear, channeling energy, and getting that all-important connection with the dancers.